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Outsourcing & Body Lending in banking
Depending on the current business situation and strategy, banks have different needs in terms of the organisational set up of the compliance function. In addition to its regular control tasks, a compliance function also performs advisory and coordinating tasks, and contributes actively to the value creation of institutes.
Within a challenging, constantly evolving market environment and increasing regulatory density, the responsibility of the compliance function and its officers increases. In order to make the best use of resources, it is worthwhile for a bank to use external resources.

Depending on your needs, outsourcing of special compliance tasks or temporary staffing (body lending) may be of most use.

Use of external resources
In order to be able to concentrate on your core activities, we are pleased to support you with our compliance expertise. Our compliance services are tailor-made to your requirements.

Compliance Outsourcing
As your outsourcing partner, we support you in the following tasks of the compliance function:

  • Compliance with external and internal regulatory requirements, market standards and codes of conduct.
  • Operational tasks; e.g. identification, analysis, assessment, control and monitoring of company-specific compliance risks.
A body-lending approach is a pragmatic solution to temporary staff shortages:

Body Lending
Thanks to the use of external resources, your personal capacities are optimally utilised. Your benefits are:

  • Immediate availability of a temporary employee (e.g. compliance officer).
  • Guarantee of high expertise.
  • Tailor-made solutions: flexibility in terms of the duration of the operation, workload and profile of the employee.
Your advantages with Geissbühler Weber & Partner
With Geissbühler Weber & Partner, you have a reliable partner that will help you to meet the legal and regulatory requirements over the long term.
Expert knowledge
We possess in-depth expert knowledge in different regulatory fields.
Independent partner
As an independent partner, we are free from possible conflicts of interest within your organisational structure. This allows us to ask critical questions and assess potential risk factors.
With the external support of an expert, your daily business operates as usual without disruption. Therefore, regulatory projects can be implemented in a timely and efficient way.
Best Practice and Benchmarking
Thanks to years of experience, we know the industry best practice approaches. In addition to implementation of regulatory standards, we present you with existing benchmarks.
We look forward to hearing from you

Alex Geissbühler

Alex Geissbühler

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Reto Weber

Reto Weber

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We focus on our core competency, so you can concentrate on yours.
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Factsheet Outsourcing & Body Lending in banking